In 2021, Creta Maris Resort joined WWF’s “Hotel Kitchen: Here we value food” program. This program was launched in 2017 by WWF US in collaboration with the American Association of Hotels and Accommodation (AHLA) and aimed at reducing food waste in the hotel sector. In Greece, the program was launched by WWF Hellas with the support of Unilever food solutions in 11 hotels (including Creta Maris Resort) in Crete, Rhodes and Kos and will run until the end of September 2022.

This initiative is intertwined with the requirements of the new recycling law, according to which hotels with more than 100 beds are required to record and declare the quantity of food waste at their facilities.

In 2022, the Creta Maris Resort continued its participation in WWF’s “Hotel Kitchen: Here we value food” program.  


Creta Maris Resort, through the WWF's program "Hotel Kitchen: Here we value food" proceeded to: 


  • Measuring and recording daily the levels of food waste at selected points. 
  • Implementing prevention tactics (e.g., by creating portions rather than placing food at the buffet in large utensils, supervising restaurants/buffets to monitor food consumption) to avoid food waste during the preparation, presentation and serving of food. 
  • 15 staff trainings of the food and beverage, kitchen and service departments, on the issue of food waste and the importance of reducing it. 
  • Informing guests and employees about the effort in which the hotel participates, by placing relevant signs in public areas, restaurants, and guest and employee rooms. 

During 2022, Creta Maris Resort measured weekly food waste from: 

  • Food - vegetable preparation.  
  • Buffet leftovers. 
  • Guest’s plate. 
  • Staff’s restaurant.  


The measurement was achieved through the placement of bins at the above 4 points, the transfer of the waste collected to the scale area and their daily counting. 


Supporting the zero-waste-to-landfill production system, a significant initiative was implemented at Creta Maris Resort. Organic waste from its kitchens is transferred to Crete’s Bioenergy facilities to be converted into biogas for power generation. In 2022, Creta Maris Resort handled a total of ~ 194,49 tons.


Organic kitchen waste (other than oils) is transferred to our resort’s gardens where, together with garden waste, is composted. Natural composting is an inexpensive and effective way of reducing organic kitchen waste (food leftovers, paper towels, etc.) and garden waste (clippings, grass, etc.) by 70-80%. The compost produced from the decomposition of organic materials is of very good quality and can be used for any type of cultivation. In this context, Creta Maris Resort collaborates with Dandalis, the local coffee manufacturing company, from which it receives coffee waste to enrich the natural composting process and create quality fertilizer for the resort’s gardens.


Since 2016, the following has been implemented to reduce the use of plastic:

  • Replacement of plastic straws and cups with paper products
  • Replacement of disposable products at restaurants and bars with wooden and paper products
  • Replacement of plastic bottles at restaurants and bars with glass bottles


The following has been implemented to reduce the use of paper:

  • Reduction of paper consumption by removing most printed information (indicatively: welcome card, room menus, notes page, envelopes, etc.) and creating electronic information programs via television.
  • Use of environmentally friendly paper (FSC) for all the Resort’s printouts. The FSC label states that wood products derived from forests are based on the principle of sustainable development and have been produced in accordance with precise environmental, social, and economic standards.




Creta Maris Resort’s Annual Sustainability Report describes in detail all the activities of Creta Maris in all the fields identified as Sustainability pillars, namely the Environment, People and Sustainable Hospitality.

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