water management

At Creta Maris Resort, we implement programs that aim at reducing water consumption and improving its quality for the resort’s everyday needs.


  • Use of licensed water boreholes
  • Reverse osmosis and filtration units
  • Automated watering of the resort’s green areas at night to avoid the morning sun, which causes about 30% water loss due to evaporation
  • Implementation of drip irrigation systems
  • Adjustment of the mains for each tap to improve water flow control
  • Implementation of the ‘Wash on Demand’ policy regarding the resort’s cleaning service for towels and sheets, calling on guests to contribute to reducing water consumption, through special signs
  • Control and maintenance of water quality, wherever it is used (certified according to ISO: 22000)
  • Manual or robotic cleaning of swimming pools to avoid frequent replacement of fresh water
  • Training of personnel in water-saving techniques.




Creta Maris Resort’s Annual Sustainability Report describes in detail all the activities of Creta Maris in all the fields identified as Sustainability pillars, namely the Environment, People and Sustainable Hospitality.