All of the resort’s guests can participate in actions, such as environmental actions, and they are informed and encouraged to become members of the Green Team, thus contributing to the protection of the environment and supporting the local community.



Since guest satisfaction is a priority for Creta Maris Resort, our guests’ satisfaction concerning the quality of our services can be recorded, both during their stay and after they have checked out.

To this end, a questionnaire has been created and is available to guests during their stay, so that any problems that arise can be resolved immediately. If guests have checked out, internal procedures are in place to ensure their comments are taken into account for improvement and resolution.

In addition, reviews and comments made by guests who have stayed at Creta Maris Resort are collected through a special platform and are monitored, recorded and taken into account for improvement purposes.

The Resort has a complaint management mechanism that monitors, records and handles guests’ complaints, concerns and problems by involving the entire Management team in seeking the best possible resolution.




Creta Maris Resort’s Annual Sustainability Report describes in detail all the activities of Creta Maris in all the fields identified as Sustainability pillars, namely the Environment, People and Sustainable Hospitality.