Escape, revive, and invigorate at our sensual Hammam Spa sanctuary with a hammam, sauna, and hydrotherapy, as well as rejuvenating and restorative body and beauty treatments. De-stress and re-energize with rejuvenating and restorative body and beauty treatments to be enjoyed alone, as a couple, or for the whole family.



Let your senses take the reins

Step into a haven of tranquility and relaxation with plush interiors, purple and grey marble, state-of-the-art furniture, an aura of eastern mysticism, and devoted services. Discover a series of treatments from bronzing preparations to ancient Greek massages and let the desire for spirituality and therapeutic energy surround you.

  • The Hammam
  • The Cabins
  • The Hair&Nails Salon

Spoil yourself with a hammam bath dating back to ancient purification rituals performed by the Middle Eastern and North African cultures. Discover a whole new level of cleanliness and reinvigoration with a deep exfoliation that will revitalize your body, spirit, and soul—feel the pores of your skin open up, toxins released, and impurities restored.


Lay back and enjoy premium treatments

Wander the paths of beauty in a serene atmosphere with dim lights, refreshing aromas, and multiple wet facilities. Well-trained experts guide you through divine traditional treatments that will nourish and rehydrate your skin, de-stress your muscles and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

Preparation Experiences

Get ready for a long-lasting and quick tan—detoxify your body and cleanse your skin for a silky feeling

  • Bronzing Εxperience
  • Cretan Herbs Εxperience
  • Silky Body Experience
Combo Experiences

Treat yourself to professional facials that will boost your physical and emotional well-being

  • Aloe Vera Experience
  • Silky Body Experience
Face Experiences

Treat yourself to professional facials that will boost your physical and emotional well-being.

  • Face, Neck & Back Massage
  • Rejuvenate Massage
  • Hydrating Face Massage
  • Kobido Facial Massage
  • Black Lava
  • Ice Effect Massage
  • Men’s Face Massage
Signature Experiences

Take your senses on a journey around Greece and the Aegean Sea with the Aegeo Spa Ritual. Re-connect and relax with your partner during the “Appollo and Afroditi” massage and brace yourselves for a godlike experience.

  • Cretan Μassage
  • Back, Neck & Scalp Massage
  • Anti-stress Μassage
  • Deep tissue Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Ancient Greek Massage
  • Body Sculpture Massage
  • Tailor Made Massage
Body Experiences

Feel the tensions withdraw as peacefulness embraces your body and mind. Bring back your radiance, detox, and find your best night’s sleep with specialized massages that will make your vacation a time for true relaxation.

  • Aegeo Spa Ritual
  • Aphrodite and Apollo
Feel good with Greek Spa Products

Go beyond beauty and focus on health, stress reduction, recuperation, and well-being with our pure and natural products. Discover ‘The Aegeo Spa Cosmetics,’ a luxury line designed to create beautiful memories from your spa experience. Make sure to purchase your own Aegeo Spa Cosmetics kit and take the spa experience back home.

Discover our Special Spa Offers

Benefit from our exclusive offers and make your visit to the finest spa in Crete even more memorable. Claim a 15% discount on all purchasable services provided by the Hammam Spa.


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TUI Global Hotel Awards 2022 TUI Quality Hotel
Greece's Leading All-Inclusive Resort - World Travel Awards Winner 2022
Greece's Leading Sustianable Resort - World Travel Awards Winner 2022
Greek Hospitality Awards 2022 - Best Greek Green Resort - Gold Award