Seaside Private Dining

One lone table by the rocks. White linens lightly dancing to the evening summer breeze. Waves lapping on the rocks. The seaview melting away to an impossibly starry sky sparkling overhead. Lanterns and candles casting a golden flickering light on your partner’s eyes. Mouthfuls of a magnificent seabass ceviche with citrus notes, fried feta cheese, and octopus carpaccio gracefully stir your palate. Waves lapping on the rocks, echoing your family’s happy chatter.

There is nothing like the Seaside Private Dining Experience at Creta Maris Resort. A totally private and delightful setting by the sea, chef-curated exotic and fresh fine dining treats, aromatic Cretan wines and cold champagnes, and an unsurpassed service that will address to your every need.

With four exclusive and delicious menus to select, from flavorful seafood to strictly vegetarian dishes, each private candlelight dinner story is a wonderful experience that will turn into a treasured memory.

Private Dining

Candle Light Dinner Menus at a glance

  • Exotic Sea Menu

    Flavorful & Fresh

  • Romantic Menu

    Sweet & Spicy

  • Summer Sunset Menu

    Refreshing & Sweet

  • Eclectic Delight Menu

    Aromatic & Cool

  • Vegetarian Menu

    Light & Creative